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ID: 1470220

A chubby 200kg crocodile who guzzles 5kg of goldfish a day has become an unlikely star after being welcomed into an Indonesian family’s home as a pet.

Most shy away from apex predators, but when Muhammad Iwan, 41, saw children playing with a newborn estuarine crocodile fishermen had caught in Pangandaran Beach, Indonesia in 1997, he bought it for $2 AUD (25,000 Indonesian Rupiah).

More than two decades later, Kojek’s penchant for fish has seen him balloon to such a heft frame he has been propelled to notoriety in his homeland – even drawing in spectators who travel to visit him.

Amazing photographs show Muhammad bathing the 2.7m (8ft8in) croc in the yard of his home in Sempur Sub-District, West Java, as his young children, aged two and 10, play just metres away.

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