Jellyfish for Children with Pronunciation (and with photos)


Welcome to the wonderful world of jellyfish!

Let your children, kids, toddlers and students inquire in this fabulous world of jellyfish. These curious animals are full of shapes, colors and curiosities. You will learn their names and get a new insight of this small big world of jellyfish. This video is for everybody from very young learners, aged from 3 to 16 years old, to adults and elder ones. With this video you will enjoy the magnificence of mother nature, the learning of new words and it definetley will ignite your children to memorize the pronunciation of the jellyfish and the way we write them.

This video includes the following words:

White spotted jellyfish, Moon jellyfish, Flower hat jellyfish, Purple stripped jellyfish, Fried egg jellyfish, Crossota jellyfish, Porpita porpita, Black sea nettle, Diplulmaris Antarctica, Cassiopea jellyfish, Comb jellyfish, Lion’s mane jellyfish, Lagoon jellyfish, Cosmic jellyfish, Box jellyfish, Crystal jellyfish, Salp jellyfish, Cauliflower jellyfish, Light jellyfish, Cabbage jellyfish, Deep sea siphonophore, Mauve stinger, Orange jellyfish, Pink jellyfish

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